Mon Von & Moni Eyewear Productions

New products and services for a changing industry

First Class Bespoke Productions

See some of our work at Vision Expo West

 Rustynail - Japan
booth no. G 24027

Ask for Stephen Lo to view some of what we build in low run and custom/bespoke.

Eyewear Production of any size
1 to 10,000+

18Kt Solid Gold - Sterling Silver - Genuine Horn - Titanium - Wood - Steel
Acetate and more!

Fish Leather - Horn - Silk - Horn
Into OBE hinge on house cut pure ti temple

Solid Indian Horn

MONI Brand Precious Metals

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Mon Von Buffalo Horn Creations
Model - Hawkwind

MONI Horn Lam + Titanium

MONI Wood + Titanium

Stephen Lo
Rustynail - Japan
booth no. G 24027